Thought of the day

March 29th 2021

I kind of hate the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

It doesn’t make you stronger from surviving, it scars you. The scars you see and feel each day are a constant reminder of whatever stupid shit got you into that situation in the first place.

All you can do is learn from it and move forward.

What makes you stronger is who you choose to have in your life as you move forward. That’s when you realize that the scars that were a terrible reminder become a story, a stepping stone from your past, that will continue to be there but now it hurts less.

Scars will heal, memories won’t, but that’s okay. You’ll be okay.

The Wayfarer’s Lullaby

Sea Shanty.

The winds call me home
With words of rain,
the skies turning grey
through each window pane,
The hope that will free
My mornings with light,
eclipsed by the shoreline
my hearth is in sight.

Yo ho all hands
Refill my tankard
And I’ll tell you a tale
Of the depths of the oceans
And the dreams I once had
Tales of the storms we all have to withstand
Yo ho all hands.

Anticipation for each wave
all feels the same,
the ale flows ice cold
Into each vein,
My mind had been battered
like the hull through thunder,
A broken man now
awaiting the long slumber.

Yo ho all hands
Refill my tankard
And ill tell you a tale
Of the harshness of women
And why the seas aren’t as bad
Tales of the storms we all have to withstand
Yo ho all hands.

I will never again see
Such glory and riches,
salt air still smiles with me
Through the wounds and stiches,
But still I’ll stand tall
Hold my head up high,
Each chug of rum
Is it’s own battle cry.

Yo ho all hands
Refill my tankard
And ill tell you a tale
Of lands far away
And the friendships I had
Tales of the storms we all have to withstand
Yo ho all hands.

The yarns I carry with me
aren’t all filled with dread,
memory of family
with the sunrise ahead,
A smile and the tears
Worth their weight in gold,
Lost to the seas
And a story untold.

Yo ho all hands
Refill my tankard
And ill tell you a tale
Of who I once was
And what I could have had
Tales of the storms we all have to withstand
Yo ho all hands.


Tomorrow will always be better than yesterday. No matter how much we try to change the things that have been done and said, we just simply can’t. All we can do is look forward to tomorrow. No matter what happens in life, there will always be a tomorrow. I like to try and live my life knowing that pain never lasts. No matter how bad that pain may seem, it will pass. I know that in the moment, that pain seems like it will last forever, but the truth is that something or someone will come along and make the pain you’re experiencing just a memory. If things go well enough, it could become a memory that is eventually forgotten. There’s always hope. There’s always happiness. There’s always a reason to smile. So if you’re feeling down today, just know that your reason to smile is out there somewhere, even if it takes until tomorrow to find.


Sometimes, life seems as useless as a half baked potato.
You can’t eat it, because its half raw.
You can’t replant it because its half cooked.
The problem is that the potato wont improve until its finished baking.

Find a reason to bake your potato, friends.

Just a Dream

I had a dream
a wonderful dream
it was silent
but it was true,
I seen you there as radiant as the sun
and I was merely a man
but I would rather burn
than not reach out to you.

My soul escaped my body
but still I edged closer
unable to open my eyes
as I let our spirits clash,
my mind was adamant
I couldn’t be forced to subside
again I pushed forward
as my life had turned to ash.

So there I stood
casting an endless shadow behind me
knowing it would only get worse
I hoped I wouldn’t feel the pain,
but the darkness behind me diminished
as all I had been began to fade
in my heart I knew I’d rather hurt
than never have that chance again.

But that was just a dream.

“Parts of Me”

I’ll be your shoulder
and keep you amused
I’ll be the one that randomly
brings you foods,
although not cake or bacon
because I ate them all.
I’ll be there for hugs
and always watch your back
stick things down your boobs
and between your butt crack,
I’m starting to think you only like me
because I’m tall.

But that doesn’t really bother me at all.

Because I’m not an asshole
but you’ll call me the biggest turd
even though you’re not a total bitch
you’re beautiful beyond words,
everything about you so far
kinda makes me pretty happy
I’m glad you don’t make my life hard
Just parts of me.

So, you know I’m good for cuddles
or something on Netflix
it’ll probably turn to something more
by now I’m used to all your tricks,
I’ll stay awake for most of the night
it’s like I’m protecting you from harm.
Your hair gets in the way a lot
it makes it hard to breathe
but I’m half scared to move a bit
because you’ll get mad at me,
but I just need to let you know
you’re drooling all over my arm.

It’s kinda gross.

But then again it’s nice that you’re right here
but you really need nasal strips
you snore like a motor boat
that’s grinding up wood chips,
I know I might sound just as bad
but at least I’m not distracting you from this movie
I’m glad you don’t make my life hard
Just parts of me.
I’ll even take you to dinner
somewhere really nice
I’ll order a bunch of things for myself
and I know you’ll order rice,
We both know you’re not going to eat
plain white rice and a crouton.
You’ll pick and choose things from my plate
and sneak things when I turn around
you’re like a ninja in the night
your mouth is full and you don’t make a sound,
and then I wonder where
half of my order had gone.

I wonder…

But you’re the highlight of my day
and it’s nice to sit and chat
even listening to the fourteen stories
you have today about your cat,
but I’ll sit and listen and nod
I’d do whatever makes you happy
I’m glad you don’t make my life hard
Just parts of me.

We will spend time out in public
late night walks through the streets
we’ll laugh and fart and be loud
thinking what the hell did we even eat,
Probably something a little more
than what you got from the menu.
things will suddenly get serious
as we’re staring at the stars
holding hands in our favourite place
only place I’d want to be, by far,
As long as I’m only there
with you.

There’s probably aliens looking at us right now though.

Alright, okay, you’re not so bad, I’ll take you home
you always make me smile
I can’t be serious while you’re in your underwear
never mind, there they go, that took a while,
I’ll teach you how to play some video games
once you get the hang of it, I’ll leave you be
I’m glad you don’t make my life hard
Just parts of me.

The key, the box and the gift inside.

Patience is key. Laughter and happiness are gifts brought into your life inside of a box made from the hands of everyone that has helped you through your tough times. The lock that holds the box shut is made from the words and actions of the people who want to hold you back. As long as you have patience, you have what is necessary to keep the lock from closing. As long as it’s unlocked, you’re able to experience and appreciate the efforts of others in their every day efforts to lift your spirits. The nicer you are to people, the easier it is for them to open their own boxes to discover what makes them happy and help others in the same way.

May the 11th

I went to sleep early Monday night, around 11:30pm. I ended up waking up from dreaming and thinking about some friends, hoping that they were doing well but I couldn’t get back to sleep. So, around 2:00am I decided to go for a walk. I slowly made my way down the road and looked up, realizing that the skies were alive with the northern lights. At first, they seemed dim and I kept walking, still slowly down the road where I lived a year ago. It felt like the further I walked, the more the skies lit up. It’s funny how something as beautiful as the night sky becomes even more spectacular from time to time. Again, I kept walking, watching the sky and realizing that it was the most carefree I’ve been in a long time. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve moved out into a friend’s place. I’m starting to pull myself together, looking forward to things to come and staying optimistic about everything happening. A year goes by pretty quickly and as I strolled down that road with the sky lighting my way in a way I’ve never seen before, I started thinking that it doesn’t matter how far away things seem or how bleak they may be, with time everything falls into place. I began to get closer to home. The darkness of the night started to fade with the blue of the upcoming sunrise and I felt truly happy. It’s something that I never want to let go of. All I know is that the older I get, the shorter distances seem and the more thankful I become for the people in my life.

“The Rocks and the Water”

I want to feel your kiss
and to be called yours
too long I’ve been the earth
and you have been my sea,
I’ve been looking out upon you
from stone riddled cliffs
wanting your love
to wash over me.

I would reach out for miles
wanting to hold you
falling apart piece by piece
but you could only wave,
I cover myself at night
confined to what little comfort
from the sandy blankets
that we have made.

You are the moon
to my star lit sky
making my view more amazing
than I ever thought it could be,
still I desire you
only to embrace you as my own
for I am your earth
and you are my sea.


It’s funny how things come to mind, even after a decade of not thinking about it. I remember one morning I woke up and my dad told me that him and my grandfather were going trouting the next day and he asked if I wanted to go. I remember that being a particular strange week for me because it was report card week in school and naturally, I hadn’t done very well, so it was definitely a surprise that he asked me to go with them. So for a few hours I sat in my room and thought about it and eventually decided to go.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to fix my rod and reel because it had become tangled. It was just a regular run of the mill rod and reel you can get at any hardware store for under twenty dollars but it was the only one I had and it felt pretty great to fix something. My father and I ended up going to visit my grandfather to make sure everything was going to go as planned and we could just get up and go the next morning. While we were there I found out that he preferred fly fishing and had a hand made pole with a cork grip that he was planning on using, the kind of rod that looked like it took a lot of time and effort to make and was maintained regularly. My father and my grandfather rummaged through old lures and flies that they would use the next day and as we left, my father made sure to remind him to bring his trouting basket with the old leather strap on it which looked like it was fashioned from an old belt. My grandfather seemed to scold my father as if to say “of course I’ll bring it, I’m not senile yet”. I remember the drive home and the excitement on my fathers face. I was certain he had gone insane, but he was happy about it.

I woke up the next morning, it was early, the sun wasn’t up yet and my father was just outside my room in the kitchen making himself breakfast. I chose not to have anything because I knew that he would stop into a gas station and grab some cookies, chips and drinks for the day to snack on. I got ready and stuffed an extra pair of socks in my coat and got a bag together of some licorice and a bottle of water. After grabbing my gear and throwing my items into my dad’s blue pickup truck, I began to get excited for the day even though I found it unusual to be awake that early. We then proceeded down the road with no seat belts on because that’s how we did things when I was a kid. We got to my grandfathers house and he waddled out of one of his sheds in full rubber gear to the truck where I got out of the front seat and sat on the less comfortable seat in the back. My grandmother waved from their doorway as we pulled away from their house and finally, we were on the road to start the day.

We were headed from Bonavista to Port Rexton, which was only about a half hour drive if you were going around the speed limit, but first the truck needed fuel. I knew this would be a great time to make a request as to what I wanted my dad to buy me while he was in the shop but unfortunately he had gotten out of the truck before I could decide. He came back to the truck, handed my grandfather a small bag with some items in it and he tossed me a bag with things in it too. Sour cream and onion chips, a Reeses peanut butter cup bar and some pepsi. It always amazed me that he knew exactly what I wanted.

He then started the beast up and pulled out of the gas station parking lot and made for the highway. I was half asleep already, my small lunch was nearly gone at this point, the sun was just starting to break over the tree covered hills and my dad, being the classic man that he is, popped in his very memorable mixed tape. I had spent a lot of time in vehicles with my dad from the time I could remember to the time I graduated high school. I can remember at least seven vehicles that didn’t withstand the test of time but somehow that ridiculously relaxing tape had survived. From Kid Rock’s “Only God knows why”, Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” and Prince and the Revolution’s “Purple Rain” to Metallica’s “Turn the Page”, 51-40’s “Casual Viewin'” and The Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz”, that tape had it all. Those songs will be burned into the deepest corners of my memories to the point that if I ever get amnesia, at least I’ll still have something from my childhood.

After what seemed like forever and darting in and out of being asleep, we went up a long hill where there was a small area for us to pull in. We got out of the truck, grabbed all of the gear that we brought with us and started down through the trees to my fathers favorite trouting spot. My grandfather had a little difficulty because he was old and had issues with his legs, but he kept going and was determined to put his hooks in that water. We kept going over rocks and through trees with vehicles going by on the road to the left of us over a hill. We kept trudging through the forest and moss until we got to a rushing torrent of water and an old, rickety bridge that had seen better days. That’s when we split up and started hunting for a spot where we would spend the remainder of the day.

My grandfather was a little eager. He ended up taking out his multitude of flies and tying one on right there on that bridge and decided to drop his line into the rushing water. To my amazement he was the first to catch something and gave out a bellowing “I got one” Just so my dad could hear him, wherever he had gone. While he kept at his shenanigans on the bridge, I figured I’d head out to a small point near the waters edge where I would cast my line and that’s when I noticed my father was about a hundred feet away from me to my left, further down the shoreline. I got my bait ready and started casting when I heard my father call out that he had gotten a fish, finally. By this point I was sure that my grandfather had caught half a dozen, either that or he was just singing to himself.

I had a few nibbles on my line but it was clear to me that the two older gentlemen were catching everything in sight and were leaving nothing for me. I decided to attach a bobber to my line, wedge my rod between a rock and a tree, then proceeded to sit down and just wait. After getting tired of waiting, I started up through the trees between where the bridge was and where my father had been. There wasn’t much to see, a few squirrels, some birds but all together an underwhelming experience. I didn’t want to stray too far so I thought I’d turn back, maybe by now something had to have been on the end of my line. I remember heading back the same way I came and seeing the bridge in plain sight. My grandfather wasn’t there anymore, he had gone down a small embankment to the water and traversed over some slippery rocks and was standing out in the water, casting his line. To the left of him, on the opposite side of the bridge was my father, casually casting his line and clearly having more fun than I was because he had his basket nearly filled.

I remember standing on that old, worn bridge and thinking to myself that life couldn’t possibly be more care free. There we were, three generations of my family doing something together that we enjoyed. My grandfather whipping his line back and forth over his shoulder, my father casting his line out to the side of him and myself, now sitting on a bridge, knowing I wouldn’t catch anything that day but still kept my line in the water anyways. I feel like that day was more than just an outing. I feel like it was a moment that my dad wanted me to have. I believe he felt like it was important enough for me to get away from everything I could be worrying about and just breathe. So I sat there with my eyes closed, unable to hear anything but the rushing water on the rocks beneath me, looking up occasionally to see my father and grandfather talking to each other and laughing. It’s a day I’ll never forget. I think it’s a memory I’ll always hold onto.