The Crow

With each unheard and broken vow

I try to smile but know not how,

throw away the pain I began to stow

shrouded in darkness there remains a crow.

What used to be a feathered friend

now stands watch over my solemn end,

no more light will pierce it’s wings

while holding me hostage above all things.

So I ran and hoped the crow wouldn’t follow

but he seeks my heart that now is hollow,

I can’t escape though I have tried

but any attempt is futile when I’ve been denied.

One corner left for me to disappear

I don’t want to hide from this level of fear,

So I turn to face the crow head on

and to my surprise, it was gone.

Running from myself was what felt so low

I found myself in people I had yet to know,

with time… My love again will grow

never again will I be the crow.

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