The good memories… and the bad.

I was alone for most of my younger years, I had plenty of family and stuff but I just didn’t talk much and I liked to be left by myself. I started to draw things that I saw in books. I had nightmares about some of the things I would draw but it didn’t stop me, I guess I wanted to see how far my imagination would stretch.

Then when I turned 6 I got a puppy and my life changed forever. I had someone that cared for me more than i cared about myself. Soon, the nightmares went away because I would always dream about happy things. I would draw little comics about the adventures I used to go on with my dog and find new ways to create scenes that would look good on paper. Anyways I got more involved with art and began to draw things at school for my new friends but always my dog was on my mind and I couldn’t wait to get home for another adventure.

About 12 years passed and every day my dog was with me. One day I got angry at everything and decided that it was time for me to go alone in the world and I moved out and found a job for a short time. I didn’t really make it on my own and eventually a few months later I moved back home.

I’ll never forget that feeling of not being able to wait to get home to see my dog, the excitement was overwhelming and I knew I wouldn’t be able to sit still.

We finally reached home and i burst out the car door and ran to the front step and opened the house door eagerly… But nothing… No loud pounding of my brute coming to welcome me, no happy wagging of the tail and barking as if to say i missed you… Nothing… After months of wishing I could take everything back and go home but not being able to, I find out that my best friend, the greatest being through my eyes, passed away…

Not a moment will ever go by on this earth that I wont regret not spending his last few months with him. I’d give anything to go back, but I can’t. Not a day will go by that I wont miss him and there will never be a day when I think i could replace him. I had lost the only thing that truly mattered in my life, and I can’t go back to say goodbye…

I still have his picture in my wallet, I always will.

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