Wayfarer’s Lullaby

Winds call me home
with words of rain,
As the skies bellow out
while darkened with pain,
The hope that frees
my mornings with light,
As I lay awake
throughout the night,
And the passion I felt
was all the same,
As if lightning had been born
into each vein,
My heart beat
like a drum of thunder,
As my soul gave in
to sight of wonder,
I will never gaze
upon such glory and riches,
My love pours from me
through the wounds and stiches,
But still I’ll stand
I’ll hold myself up high,
Though the pain of each step
says that I should die,
To carry on
as if I were the undead,
Each stride forward
focused on the road ahead,
A smile and tears
worth their weight in gold,
Lost to the seas
and a story untold.