A little about me.


If you’ve gotten this far, It’s time to let you in so you can get to know me a little more. I’m Marcus Abbott, born in Clarenville Newfoundland, Canada and raised in Bonavista. I come from a rather large family with about a dozen aunts and uncles on both sides and I’m the youngest of five in my immediate family. I try to keep positive at all times and it’s very important for me to do so. I like rainy days because of the smell and the feel in the air, it’s one of the many things that will make me jolly. I like to cook and clean as well because when I’m full of deliciousness and sitting in a tidy environment, I’m happy. I’m good with animals of all sorts, I’m good with words (Or I try to be) but I’m not particularly good at speaking out loud. I’m currently trying to teach myself how to become a better artist because drawing faces has always been the toughest. I love to swim, sleep, eat and relax. Breathing is also very important to me and my well being. I’m working on improving my lifestyle bit by bit because I need to become more active and I feel the need to push myself to become a better person. Hopefully I’ll have an incredible journey ahead of me, which I’ll share through this blog. Thank you for reading this and I appreciate you stopping by.



Now get off my lawn.

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