Just a Dream

I had a dream
a wonderful dream
it was silent
but it was true,
I seen you there as radiant as the sun
and I was merely a man
but I would rather burn
than not reach out to you.

My soul escaped my body
but still I edged closer
unable to open my eyes
as I let our spirits clash,
my mind was adamant
I couldn’t be forced to subside
again I pushed forward
as my life had turned to ash.

So there I stood
casting an endless shadow behind me
knowing it would only get worse
I hoped I wouldn’t feel the pain,
but the darkness behind me diminished
as all I had been began to fade
in my heart I knew I’d rather hurt
than never have that chance again.

But that was just a dream.

“The Rocks and the Water”

I want to feel your kiss
and to be called yours
too long I’ve been the earth
and you have been my sea,
I’ve been looking out upon you
from stone riddled cliffs
wanting your love
to wash over me.

I would reach out for miles
wanting to hold you
falling apart piece by piece
but you could only wave,
I cover myself at night
confined to what little comfort
from the sandy blankets
that we have made.

You are the moon
to my star lit sky
making my view more amazing
than I ever thought it could be,
still I desire you
only to embrace you as my own
for I am your earth
and you are my sea.


Waiting for a moment

where looking through foggy glass

changes into staring deep into a star lit evening

as our very souls begin to feel more active

listening to each breath turn into excitement

breaking the silence of a chilled and frozen view

dawn brings a new beginning

the blinding light of a renewing warmth reflecting from the earth

as if there were two skies

thawing which seemed to be never ending

while new color shines light into life

and the skies reach further into our hearts

from horizon to horizon.


Just take the breath straight from my lungs
whisper to me the sweet nothings I’ve come to love
hold me in your heart as close as I hold you in person
and take the earth from beneath my feet.
See me the way that I see you
a touch, a moment a single strand of hair
as my world and my vision is focused on you
breathe life into me as you light my soul on fire.
The silence is deafening so please speak my name
dance with my heartbeat as yours beats as fast
slip with me into a dream as we embrace
let me hold your head to behold true beauty.
A thought which remains nearly a memory
the flash of our past with a smile following
a glimpse into happiness and into the unknown
place the crown upon my head for you make me a king.


Every breath is a moment preserved

the earth beneath each footstep becomes more elevating than the last

with clouds seeming to dance excitedly though a sea of azure

making the air feel like a precious gift

wind forces its way through columns of aged grey stone

caressing the countless fortitude of hills to rest on an ocean of reaching arms

unwilling to release the last few leaves it holds dear

with another gentle touch of persuasion they break free from their bonds

brittle with memories of the life they once held onto

to sweep the ground with the friends they’ve learned to love

bringing nourishment for an upcoming spring

hope through contemplation.


The days are a shining heartbeat

mirroring frigid evenings that become prolonged

darkness intercepts the solace of Autumn

frost grasping onto all that it can to linger for a moment longer

vibrance above fading into menacing and unwanted shadows

distressing shrouds of a ghostly veil are draped loosely over strong shoulders

engulfing all that was once radiant and pristine

sending chills throughout a web of unrelenting cruelty

the dawn of countless descending crystals resting upon one another

breaking the silent abyss with bursts of vigorous light

revealing vast wastelands of purity

serenity through the eye of the storm.

Bitter nightmares are best forgotten

anchors that once held the earth down in suppression

lift like a sudden breeze becoming less daunting

eyes that sleep awaken to a new world of plenty

barren soil bursting with joy to replenish

rejuvenating happiness begins again in turbulent downpours

heavens weeping for the land they had previously given up on

replacing lifeless limbs with crowns teeming of foliage

returning the small reward bestowed with thankful expressions

verdant hands reach new heights in eagerness

overjoyed as if meeting the mothers they had yet to know

patience through understanding.

The mist of Spring deteriorates

rushing sunrise like a river overflowing of pink bellied salmon

chariots of warmth race through creation spreading prosperity

breaking the velvet petals free to unleash a blanket of luminance

remedying both mind and soul to surrender the body

each rainfall more welcomed than the last

refreshment to thirsty mouths buried deep beneath the surface

arcs of color bend through the clearing horizon

smiling upon the world below with confidence

unable to distinguish between a calm sea and the resplendent sky

reflections seeming to have no past or future

ageless through absolute beauty.

Through the Alley

I see you
in the dark of night,
in the shadows
hidden the light,
dressed in you
your evening gown,
upon this
only a frown,
you hear my footsteps
creeping further,
for in my mind
there was no murder,
though you did not
see this so,
quicker your footsteps
seem to go,
I became so close
as to hear your heartbeat,
to me this was indeed
a special treat,
for I knew all
and knew you thought,
this eve be your last
though it was not,
I felt you tremble
out of fear,
for it was my breathing
that you did hear,
and with that breath
you did not mumble,
and I of course
felt so humble,
close enough
almost to grasp,
you feel frightened
and then you gasp,
I brush against you
to instill a shiver,
for you’re afraid
and I do deliver,
I let out a whisper
“Good evening my dear”,
as you nearly collapse
from the fear,
and i walk past
oh so delightedly,
I turn to you
and grin impolitely…

The Crow

With each unheard and broken vow

I try to smile but know not how,

throw away the pain I began to stow

shrouded in darkness there remains a crow.

What used to be a feathered friend

now stands watch over my solemn end,

no more light will pierce it’s wings

while holding me hostage above all things.

So I ran and hoped the crow wouldn’t follow

but he seeks my heart that now is hollow,

I can’t escape though I have tried

but any attempt is futile when I’ve been denied.

One corner left for me to disappear

I don’t want to hide from this level of fear,

So I turn to face the crow head on

and to my surprise, it was gone.

Running from myself was what felt so low

I found myself in people I had yet to know,

with time… My love again will grow

never again will I be the crow.