Through the Alley

I see you
in the dark of night,
in the shadows
hidden the light,
dressed in you
your evening gown,
upon this
only a frown,
you hear my footsteps
creeping further,
for in my mind
there was no murder,
though you did not
see this so,
quicker your footsteps
seem to go,
I became so close
as to hear your heartbeat,
to me this was indeed
a special treat,
for I knew all
and knew you thought,
this eve be your last
though it was not,
I felt you tremble
out of fear,
for it was my breathing
that you did hear,
and with that breath
you did not mumble,
and I of course
felt so humble,
close enough
almost to grasp,
you feel frightened
and then you gasp,
I brush against you
to instill a shiver,
for you’re afraid
and I do deliver,
I let out a whisper
“Good evening my dear”,
as you nearly collapse
from the fear,
and i walk past
oh so delightedly,
I turn to you
and grin impolitely…

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